This online payment system is secure. If you do not wish to use our online payment system, or have difficulty using this method, please feel free to mail us a personal check, bank check or money order payable to ATMOSPHERE PRODUCTIONS LLC, PO BOX 330303, WEST HARTFORD, CT 06133-0303.

Payment and Refund Policy

By making you payments via our web site you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in your contract with ATMOSPHERE PRODUCTIONS LLC. Specifically, paragraph #3 which states, in part, that the “Down Payments” are nonrefundable;

Payment Type

that the “Balance” be provided, no later than thirty (30) days prior to the event; that an additional thirty dollars ($30) MUST be added to all checks or credit payments received on or after the event and/or returned unpaid or marked “NSF” by any bank.

We only accept payments in US $ Currency.

About using the PayPal System:

By making an online payment with the PayPal system you will NOT be creating your own PayPal account.  You can use a variety of credit card and e-check methods of payment.  See PayPal’s terms and conditions for further details.

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