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You probably have questions…and we’re here to help. If you don’t happen to find what you’re looking for in our FAQ then simply give us a call at 860-231-7141. We’re eager to chat with you about your wedding and maybe share a few ideas on how to make it unique, fun and memorable.

General Information

  Minimum non refundable deposits are required to confirm your date.

 Additional non refundable deposits are required 90 days prior to your event.

 No dates will be tentatively held.

 Down payments can be made by check, money order or credit card using our PayPal system.

 All balances must be paid in full no later than 30 days prior to your event.

Package Time Schedules

Minimum FIVE Hour Packages.

 Saturday – Late Morning or Afternoon Functions.

 Friday or Saturday – Evening Functions.

 Sunday Functions: Afternoon or Evening Functions.

 Basic Packages: Monday to Thursday – Minimum FOUR HOUR PACKAGES.

All pricing & information is subject to change without notice without prior confirmed contract. Please contact us for specific price quotes for your event.

What is your price?

A better question is “What Value Does A Professional Disc Jockey Provide To Your Wedding?”

Because each event is different and our services are customized to your exact needs, we ask that you call us toll-free 860-231-7141, or contact us so that we can get in touch with you and provide a knowledgeable detailed quotation and an affordable price. We are a professional, full-time business dedicated to success: yours and ours. We’re certain that you wouldn’t chance such a memorable occasion to an amateur. Rather than a quote based solely on the price, we’d rather talk about your exact needs. But it all starts with YOU making a phone call or filling out a Request For Entertainment Information Form.

In our opinion, any DJ that quotes blindly isn’t really paying attention to the details of your event. We are not selling you a “CHEAP PRICE” or offering “AVERAGE” service for the “AVERAGE” price. We ARE offering excellent service and our commitment to your event. Contact us today – without obligation or a high-pressure sales pitch.

Get started by downloading our on-line brochure:


So, if PRICE is NOT the first question then what questions should I be asking?

Most have NEVER hired a DJ before and really either think that ALL are the same or just don’t know what else to ask.  That’s why we created this page.  Some of the most important questions are asked here.  So please review this page.  Here are a few other questions that you should ask:

Are you any good?  See our references.

What’s your secret for getting people on the dance floor?

Why will MY reception be a party that my friends will talk about for years?

What ideas do you have to make my reception unique?

What is your DJ style?

Do you have proof of Liability Insurance? We are currently insured through GA Mavon & Company

Are you a member of professional entertainment association?

Do you download your music or are they legally obtained from the record companies?

We ask that you call us at 860-231-7141, or contact us so that we can answer these and many more of your questions.

How long has the disc jockey company been in business?

Atmosphere Productions has celebrated over 35 years of experience in the music business with Sylvester Samuels performing in his first professional event in Gloucester, England in the summer of 1978.

What format does the DJ play? CD or MP3?

Our primary source is 320kbs MP3 music files on our Apple MacBook Pro Computers. All our music is legally obtained from the record companies via Radio Programming & Management.  A small list is avaiable on our Top Hits page. Our available digital database (CD’s & MP3’s) contains over 100,000 selections….. and we have access to thousands more. You select …we’ll play it!!! When you book with us, we can provide you with our FREE Customized Music Service. Our entire database is available to our booked clients. That’s an added VALUE of our service.

Does the DJ wear formal attire?

Yes, we wear a full formal wear to all events. When we look good…. you look good!

Can we see you perform?


Due to our privacy policy, the safety and security of our clients, we do NOT have prospective clients interview us at a current clients event. We respect our clients privacy, so please be careful of other companies who use this unethical practice. You can meet and interview the actual DJ for your event. You can also see our portfolio of references, and view on-line our audio introductions and video clips in the comfort of your home. Meetings are scheduled by appointment only: Monday to Friday – Daytimes; Monday to Wednesday – Evenings. NO MEETINGS: Thursday or Friday Evenings or anytime Saturday or Sunday.

Get started by downloading our on-line brochure:


Do you offer personal consultations?

Yes. You can meet the actual DJ for your event and review all details prior to your event. We also can do a phone conference, FACETIME or SKYPE. Many of our clients prefer to use our on-line forms to plan and prepare for their events. Once we get your paperwork, we can review all your details by phone or e-mail. It’s FREE… it’s EASY and it’s an added VALUE of our service.

Do you have qualified back up people?

Yes. We are also certified members of The DJ Network.

Does the DJ have back up equipment?

Yes. Our back-up equipment is built within our systems . We use only the latest in professional disc jockey digital technology. Our systems contain wireless remote broadcast technology and “powered speakers” (amplifiers built into the speakers) for added security. We always carry another full system as back-up in case of a serious malfunction. That’s an added VALUE of our service.

Who controls the volume?

You do! You’d be amazed at how many entertainers believe more is better! The main reason some entertainers crank the volume up so high is because they don’t have the greatest sounding equipment. Sheer volume helps to cover up their fuzzy sound. We provide you with superior, balanced, crystal clear sound. With us, you control the volume according to your desires.

How many hours will the disc jockey play?

 It may take 12-20 hours to properly plan, design and perform a wedding reception. Our Wedding Packages have a minimum of FIVE hours of continuous performance music on the day of your event.

Does the disc jockey company use a contract & have Liability Insurance?

 Yes and YES. All events will have a full written contract and we will provide you with a Certificate of Liability Insurance for your protection. As added security Atmosphere Productions LLC is registered with The State Of Connecticut as a Limited Liability Corporation. That’s an added VALUE of our service.

Does the disc jockey use a wireless microphone?

Yes, we only use professional grade sound equipment.  We use Sennheiser UHF wireless microphones.  We believe these are the best for use during the Ceremony, Blessing, Toast and any other speeches or special events that require capture and reproduction of quality audio. If you contract us to provide sound reinforcement for your Ceremony, we will also use our wireless broadcast technology. Depending on the package you choose the disc jockey will also interact with audience and assist with participation dances, all while using a wireless microphone.

Can you provide Music for our Outdoor Ceremony?

Yes.  For an addition fee we can provide recorded music or if you prefer you can use one of our many talented Ceremony Musician.

Do you provide lighting for the event?

Yes.  For an addition fee we can provide custom room lighting to enhance your reception decor.  We can also provide Cake, Sweetheart & Head Table Illumination as well as traditional dance floor lighting.

Will the disc jockey coordinate the event?

Yes. You don’t need to spend extra money for a Wedding Coordinator or an Event Planner — We do this for FREE!! We are your Reception Entertainment Directors. That’s an added VALUE of our service.  It may take 12-20 hours to properly plan, design and perform a wedding reception.  We provide you with a planner to complete prior to your event and will coordinate the details with the Photographer, Videographer, facility or caterer on the day of the event.

Will the disc jockey be professional at all times?

Yes. Our performance will be elegant and classy. We will never embarrass YOU, YOUR GUEST or OURSELVES! We DO NOT dress up in silly costumes or become the center of attention. Your day is a special day of elegance and sophistication…..our performance will reflect your tastes. That’s an added VALUE of our service.

Should I Tip Our Disc Jockey?

We leave that up to you. After all tipping is a personal choice. If you feel your entertainment staff did an exceptional job, just as with any service provider, 10-20% is the norm. But it’s entirely up to you.

I've lost/can't find copies of the Bridal Planning Forms. Can I get more copies?

Yes. For our booked clients we have the forms stored as PDF Files or you can complete our ON-LINE FORM. You will need to contact us FIRST to get logon privileges to access those protected customer files.

Can we review your service on-line?

Yes! As you know, referrals, reviews and testimonials are the life blood of our services.  A positive on-line review is priceless….so, THANK YOU in advance.

Here are some sites:

Wedding Wire: http://www.weddingwire.com/review/AtmosphereProductions

Yelp!: http://www.yelp.com/biz/atmosphere-productions-west-hartford

The Knot: https://www.theknot.com/marketplace/atmosphere-productions-west-hartford-ct-284635

Event Wire: http://www.eventwire.com/review/AtmosphereProductions


If you look the DJ in the eye at the end of your wedding reception and say you didn’t have FUN, we’ll refund your money. I mean it, and it’s here in writing. Subject to a few clearly stated terms and conditions in my contract that you must follow, your money will be refunded.


Top 10 reasons to reserve Atmosphere Productions LLC for your event.

  1. Professional, Classy, Elegant and Stylish….Never The Center Of Attraction!!!.
  2. Guaranteed Audience Participation means more FUN.
  3. Personalized Service, Customized To Your Needs.
  4. Fresh, Different and Creative Ideas for your event.
  5. No Stress, No Pressure, No Surprises….Relax and have Fun… we’ll take care of the rest.
  6. Member of The DJ Network.
  7. Certificate of Liability and Business Insurance for your protection.
  8. 24 hour access to Information and Music selections
  9. We carry almost every selection in the Top 100 Billboard Music Charts.
  10. Celebrating over 35 years of Experience. The Difference is Experience!!

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